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4 Important Elements for a *Standout* Brand Video

4 Important Elements for a *Standout* Brand Video

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What really makes a standout video?

After years of seeing successful ad campaigns (and a few less than successful ones), I think creating standout video boils down to the following four components most of all.

The message you are communicating is important, but it will only resonate as a standout video if you are taking the following elements into account too. Let’s jump right in!

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Instant Impact

I’m gonna need you to start with a bang! 💥

Tough love coming your way….It does not matter how important the message is, if your viewer does not stick around to see it. Draw them in and encourage them to continue watching your video with an impactful and original intro. This could be through an interesting key in the music you choose for a Facebook ad video, or the bloopers reel you show at the start of your Youtube video. You could lead with humour or emotion or even controversy. The idea is find something that is relevant to what your video will be about and really emphasise this in your opening. The punchier, the better! Lead with emotion and connection.

Music is a great way to do this! It is most often used to hook people in creatively but there are more than one way to do this.

Brand Storytelling

Next up: brand storytelling! You need to communicate your message in a way that is unique to you and your brand. Think about your why, and what your mission statement is for your brand. What brand voice do you use in your other content? If your personal or professional brand is known for its honest, no-nonsense approach, then this needs to also come across in every aspect of your video.

Whether you are selling a product or service, informing people about a change in your business or teaching them a new skill, it is also important to get across your brand values in this video too! You want your audience to come away from seeing your content knowing more about what it is you stand for.

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Knowing Your Audience

Speaking of audience, you should also be really clear about who it is you are communicating with. We take extra special time to make sure all of the copy in our emails, on our websites and in our social media captions are tailored to our audiences, so why not take this approach in our videos too?

Tailor your content to your ideal customer by referring to the pain points in their lives (and how you are the absolute best person to provide them with a solution!). Use phrases that match the way they communicate. Incorporate trends that attract them and speak to them directly.

This is an important step to bring up because I have seen more than a few (big budget) videos fail because they did not keep their audience in mind with their messaging. Instead, content can come across as flat, completely missing the mark and ultimately putting off their audience, not attracting them.

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Pièce de Résistance: Capture + Call to Action

So you’ve hooked them, communicated your message with your brand values and your ideal customers in mind. Your viewer is interested, and so keen to engage with your brand. This one might seem obvious but all the efforts you’ve made up to now won’t convert leads unless you direct it to. Encourage your view to take a further step with you with a call to action.

This could be a link to the product/service you are selling in your video, reemphasising that they should hit your subscribe button, encouraging them to donate, the list is endless. Your video needs to go somewhere, it needs to have intentionality. You have gotten viewers to invest their time with you, but without some sort of payoff in the form of a CTA, the only thing your viewers will be saying is now what?

Make sure that the action you are encouraging your viewer to take is as exciting as your video has been up to now, otherwise they will be left underwhelmed and sadly less inclined to be receptive to the next videos you produce on instinct.Emphasise what the benefits are of what you are offering to really capture them right before you nudge them to take action.

See, you could have all the bells and whistles in your video, spend ages researching, filming and editing your videos but it won’t truly stand out without paying extra special attention to these four elements.

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