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There is so much that video can do to grow your business or social reach! Posting regular videos can help you to…

  • Easily explain your launch products and services 
  • Beat the Instagram algorithm (!!) and hack your way to next-level engagement 
  • Increase your chances of ranking on the first page in Google searches 
  • Strengthen your personal or professional brand recognition 

That said, coming up with fresh video ideas can often feel like more stress then it’s worth! So I’ve put together this list of quick video ideas to help you promote your brand.

Quick Breakdown

Share Your Why

This might seem obvious, but many people forget to really introduce themselves and their brands. Your audience wants to hear about what led you to this moment, to being the thriving entrepreneur in front of us. What motivated you to start your business? What amazing products or services are you offering to the world? And most importantly… why do you do it?

This is possibly one of the most important videos you could even create. Let your clients and customers get to know you.

Behind The Scenes

Show your following what a day in your life looks like. Take us on your entrepreneurial journey with sneak peeks of your workspace, upcoming products and services. If you have worked on a creative project lately, walk us through it. What did you have to do? How did it start and what does it look like now?

Share A Milestone

Everyday is a hustle, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the wins. Talk about a recent business milestone you’ve smashed through. No success is too small! I know what it’s like to work on your goals with such focus that you forget to acknowledge the highlights along the way. Don’t do it! Capture these important moments, and let your audience in on them too.

Show Off Those Products

You’ve got the goods, so show it off!

Product explainer videos are perfect for newly launched products. Talk us through how it works in a live session, and remember to link in your evergreen products too.

Not currently offering your own products? Go through a collection of other available products in your niche and review them! Keep it within your industry – it’ll show your expertise and authority in your field.

Give Advice

Have you got a life hack that could be a life saver for someone in your circle? Talk about that technique in your next video. Share your wisdom with your new following. You have a unique perspective and can offer plenty of insight into your industry.

These video ideas are just the beginning! I’ve created a video ideas checklist of 50 video ideas you can implement straight away to promote your business. Download your free copy by clicking the banner below ⬇️

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Video Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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