Edit Series - Exports

Yay! You’ve finished your new video and are ready to share it out into the online world. There are a few more exports you will need to make to help with your promotion later on. This includes grabbing images you can use as thumbnails, creating short gifs you can share in emails and on social media, as well as making previews and other videos for the various platforms. The way you promote your video is key to its success. Take this opportunity to gather up this extra content.


Start by exporting some images from your video. The thumbnails will act as previews for your content on Youtube, or perhaps as covers on Instagram Reels or IGTV. Choose shots from your video that best represent what it’s about.

Animated GIFS

Promoting your video to your email list? Export out an animated gif! You can upload them in your EMS as photos and share them in your newsletters. They are eye-catching and do not slow down the delivery of your emails.

Preview Videos

Export a snippet of your new video and share it as a preview! It might just be a few seconds long but this will help to drum up more interest in your full video when it is time to share it with your audience.

Videos for Other Platforms

While you are in your video editing project, why not also export some versions for other platforms too?! Use our export guide to also churn out videos sized for various other platforms.

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