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Find out how your favourite vloggers edit their Youtube videos (several times a week!)

Use this guide to find all the resources you need, and answer all the questions you may have about editing your vlogs. Click on a question in the quick breakdown table below to jump to the answers you need. ✨

What software should I use to edit my Youtube videos?

You have the option between using free software like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker, or going with a paid program like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer.

These free options may be easier to learn at the start, but they limit the number of quality features you have available to you. I would highly recommend going with Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro for your Youtube vlogs.

You could also try editing apps. These allow you to edit your software from your phone, ideal for vloggers who also use their phones to record their footage. While there are free and paid apps like Premiere Rush and Splice available, there are limits to the amount of flexibility you will have using them for regular vlogging.

Learning software like Premiere Pro or Final Cut will do you the best service in the long run. The answers in this guide will cover using Premiere Pro.

Use this blog post here to help you choose the right editing software for you. ➡️

How do I organise my footage for editing?

You will want to keep all of your filmed footage, music, and effects in a single place on your computer for easy access. If you can put it onto a hard drive, even better!

This will make sure you stay organised throughout the Youtube edit process. It will also make it super easy to import your files into Premiere Pro when it’s time to get started.

You will want to make these folders to hold the media you have:

  1. Footage
  2. Audio (for any sound files you record, including narration)
  3. Music Tracks
  4. Graphics (for any brand logos you have)
  5. Sound Effects (to hold any sound effects you use)
  6. Misc (think of this like the junk drawer — it holds all of the additional files that may come in handy during the editing process!)

Use this as your base. You can add to the folders as you go along, and even use this structure as a starting point for your future edits!

What video transitions should I use between clips?

Transitions are great for two reasons. First, they help you move from one bit of footage to the next creatively or invisibly. Secondly, if they are done creatively, they can help to keep your viewer engaged and watching your video right the way through to the end!

That said, it is so important not to overdo it! Adding too many transitions can look gimmicky. It’s about finding the right balance.

The most popular vlog transitions are Fade In/Out, Whip/Pan, Zoom and Glitch. The jump cut approach is also popular. I personally like using jump cuts, whip pans and glitch effects in my edits.

You can try out transitions by going to the Effects window or the Effects tab in Premiere Pro and choose Video Transitions. There you will see the full range of transitions to choose from.

Simply drag the transition between two bits of footage, and then adjust how long you want it to show for by dragging the end of the transition.

Where can I find music for my Youtube videos?

Have you ever wondered how your fav vloggers are able to use good music in their videos AND monetise them? It is thanks to websites like Epidemic Sound, Lickd and Music Vine among many others. They allow you to find current music that suits your content, without ever getting copyright strikes.

Anyway, back to finding music!

Epidemic Sound offers high-quality music for Youtube videos under a paid subscription. Lickd has a music library of popular chart music that YouTubers can use in their vlogs with a paid subscription.

Music Vine has a fun collection of music, and you can narrow down your search based on the music genre you like, the mood you would like your videos to have, production type and the occasion. This vlog playlist of ideal YouTube tracks might be just what you need.

If you are looking for places to find free music for your videos, Mixkit is an excellent place to start. All of their tracks are available for personal and commercial projects, meaning you can use them in your branded content and still monetize them.

Check out this post for more recommended music websites. ➡️

What type of music tracks do I need?

You want to find a signature music track to introduce your videos, something that your viewers will get used to hearing within your video. A track that can be synonymous with you and your brand. It helps to build up that know / like / trust factor!

You will also need to find a 3-4 interchangeable tracks that suit your video type. These will be featured throughout your video. You are on the lookout for upbeat music without lyrics!

Is there a way to fix audio issues?

Absolutely! There are ways to get around this by using some of the audio tools within Premiere Pro or your chosen editing software.

Perhaps you have recorded your videos, watched them back and found that the sound is muffled? Or you can hear background noises? Here is a tutorial that covers the most common audio issues:

And this tutorial with great tips for editing the audio and music in your videos:

What length should my videos be?

This depends on your niche and the type of video you want to create.

You can watch a 10-minute tutorial and stay fully engaged but find it impossible to sit through a 10-minute promotional video. It really depends on the nature of your video. They should be long enough to really provide value to your followers, but not too long that your followers click away.

According to this report, the average Youtube video length for Entertainment was around 13 minutes long, and People and Blogs content came in at around 8 minutes long.

There is no minimum length for monetizing videos. Once you are verified with Youtube, you will be able to upload videos that are over 15 minutes long.

As a general rule of thumb, try to keep your how-to videos between 10-20 minutes long. Review videos can be lengthy, but try to include chapters so that followers can jump to the sections they need. Promos under 2 minutes tend to perform the best!

How do I colour correct or add filters?

You can improve the look of your footage from within the Colour tab in Premiere Pro. There, you will see plenty of settings to adjust the hue, saturation, brightness and more! Under the Creative tab, you can also apply LUTs (or Look Up Table).

Have a play around with the LUTs available within Premiere Pro first, but if you are keen to experiment, I’d recommend trying a few of these free LUTs. There are instructions on the download page for how to import them into Premiere Pro.

How do I add awesome effects and graphics to my Youtube video edit?

From the Effects tab in Premiere Pro, you will be able to add effects. Choose Effects, and then Video Effects to see the complete collection. There are hundreds of effects to choose from, so you will need to experiment to find what best suits your content.

Your choice of effects will depend on the type of videos you are creating (how-to, review, daily vlog etc.), but I highly recommend using the same few effects across all of your YouTube channel videos. This will make sure that your videos look consistent.

Did you know that we create animated graphics for YouTube videos? Well, we totally do! Use them to quickly stylise your videos and boost your engagement numbers. Check out our Shop for more ➡️

Have a question about video editing for Youtube that was not in this blog post? Let me know if the comments section, and I’ll send quick answers your way!

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