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Instagram Live videos are definitely having a moment. ??

Entrepreneurs are regularly turning to IG Live to stay connected to their followers. They are sharing updates on their business, teasing new content and hosting Q&As with other leaders in their industries.

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If you too are all about Instagram Live videos, I want to share with you a couple of ways that you can make the most of this video content:

Add Them Instantly to Your IGTV

It used to be that your IG Live streams (which take place in your Stories) could only be visible for 24 hours. As of May 2020 though, you can now save your Live video immediately to IGTV, Instagram’s app for videos over 60 seconds in length.

Once your Live has ended, this option to Share to IGTV will appear. From there, you will then be able to add a cover to your video and save it to a series. Series’ group together similar videos, and are a great way to encourage your followers to watch multiple videos from you in one go!

PRO TIP: If you know in advance what you’ll be talking about in your Live, I’d definitely recommend creating a cover ahead of time in your brand colours, and saving it to your phone so that you can upload this custom cover when prompted at the end of your live stream. Instagram won’t let you change the cover once you publish something to IGTV, so take the time to get it exactly as you want it early on!

Edit Instagram Live Videos into a Mini Series

This is highly recommended if you cover multiple topics in your Live video! Break it down into smaller videos that you can hashtag with the relevant keywords. You will reach new viewers interested in one of the specific topics you cover, and have a greater chance of keeping new viewers tuned in to your video from start to end!

Once your Live has ended, choose the option to Download Video. Then, you can either use an editing app you have on your phone OR email the video to yourself and edit it in your favourite video editing software on your computer. Whichever option works best for you!

From there, you simply trim your video down to shorter sections based on theme. For example, if your niche is Health & Wellness, and your Live was a Q&A with another Wellness expert, you could split the video in smaller ones based on the questions that were asked… say about Mental Health, Self-Care and the Laws of Attraction!

Then when you are happy with your videos, upload them onto IGTV with a custom cover. Make sure to include hashtags in the video description that relate to the topic covered — get as detailed as possible!

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How To Repurpose Instagram Live videos

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