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I am often asked about video editing apps so this week, I’ll be doing a round-up of the most popular video editing apps out now.

Are you planning on editing Youtube videos or long social media videos? You will need to use this video editing software instead! But if you find yourself needing to create short videos on the go, read on for my video editing app recommendations!

Premiere Rush

For the Newcomers + Digital Nomads

Let’s start with my top recommendation: Adobe Premiere Rush!

I’m already a fan of Adobe Premiere Pro, so finding an editing app with all of the same great features as their professional software was perfect!

It is easy to use and available to users on either iOS or Android, and can even be used on iPad. It has all of the same options as their editing software, allowing you to edit your clips, add music and effects to bring your content to life. They also give you the option to use multiple tracks for editing which is not something you usually find in video editing apps.

Any project you start on one device can be picked it up again EXACTLY where you left off on a new device! If you are like me and constantly on the go switching between devices, this is an especially useful option.

COST: FREE under their Starter Plan – click here to grab yours!


For social content creators

Splice is another option for mobile use! It gives you plenty of tools to trim your video clips, add transitions, change music and add effects/text. It is also intuitive, making the learning curve manageable for new users.

Best part is you can very easily create and save out videos in multiple formats, great for batching out content for Instagram/Youtube/Pinterest at once! You can even export up to 4K Ultra High Definition, which is amazing quality for your social media content. Just make sure you have enough storage space on your phone for all of this new content, as it can take up plenty of space.

You will need to pay to use the Effects and Music functions, but it is well worth it for the premium features a subscription unlocks.

COST: FREE for basic features, with premium features available starting at £9.49 for 30 days

Vimeo Create

For the committed creative

Vimeo have entered into the video editing space with their new editor, Vimeo Create. It comes with pretty standard options and templates for creating social media content. You can either choose one of their templates to customise or choose to Start from scratch. When starting from scratch the process is broken down into three creation processes: Storyboard (where you can upload new content or choose video you already have in your Vimeo library), Style and Music.

My biggest issue with this editor though is its cost! It is only accessible for free for existing Vimeo users with Pro, Business or Premium accounts. For new users, you will need to spend between £16-70 to access it, when you can get the same video editing options from other free video editing apps.

COST: Between £16-70 per month for a Pro, Business or Premium plan


For the experimental creatives

Magisto couldn’t be more different from Vimeo’s other video editing offering! This one used artificial intelligence to edit videos in a matter of minutes based on the type of video you’d like to make, the soundtrack and editing style you choose.

Wild, right?!

There are plenty of options available to help you create ads, social media videos, promos, youtube content, you name it! This would best suit anyone with specific niches like Travel or Food, as the end result from the AI is a bit more reliable. This is ideal for anyone wanting to batch create content in those niche and who is keen to try something that’s a little but out there.

COST: Starting at $4.99 per month

Honorable Mention: Canva

It was already one of my favourite tools for content creation and design, and that was before they added video editing app capabilities to the website’s available tools.

The website offers video templates for 16:9 video for Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, as well as 1:1 square videos, and 9:16 vertical options for IG Stories and Pinterest video pins. You can use it for basic audio and video editing, but only for one video at a time which can be super limiting! I’d only recommend it only if you are already using Canva for your other design tasks, and are not intending to do any elaborate editing!

COST: FREE* (but using any premium video or photos in your content will cost you!)

Which of these options will you use for your video editing app? Are you already using one — what is working best for you? Let me know in the comments section below!

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