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Vloggers, Youtube Originals has just the thing for you.

Admit it, this year has not gone how you expected it would. At all. Our daily lives are impacted by the pandemic, and our outlooks altered by the necessary call for social justice. It has become increasingly hard to see what our world will look like beyond this present moment.

That’s why this new opportunity from producer Ridley Scott and Academy Award® winning director Kevin Macdonald is so timely. On July 25th 2020, they invite creators to be part of Life in a Day – a global documentary capturing a single day on Earth. Videos are from around the world, and woven into a Youtube Originals feature film premiering at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival.

A time capsule of the year that changed the way we live.

Vlogging - Working Womxn - Youtube Originals

Share your story and connect with your fans in a new way! Participating would also give you some great video content you can share with your following on other platforms too.

How to Take Part with Youtube Originals

On July 25th, grab your camera / phone and film part of your day. Then submit this footage via a link before July 31st. They have listed some filming requirements to consider — have a look at those here.

Not sure what to record? A great place to start is sharing what you love, what you’re thinking, what you’d like to change about the world or about your life at the moment.

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