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We need to talk about stock footage. But first, Let’s tackle two of the most common myths I hear when it comes to video content creation…

Myth #1 — You need to record your own footage (with your own equipment) to create video content

Myth #2 — Found footage doesn’t look professional enough or well suited in branded films

Brands use found footage (or stock footage) in their ads all the time, not because they cannot arrange to have footage recorded but because they know that using stock footage is a convenient way to get videos made quickly… and without compromising on the quality their customers expect from them.

There are plenty of resources that offer great footage to fit your niche — filmed by professional videographers for exactly this purpose. And even better, most of the websites on this list are FREE for personal or commercial use. So no worrying about whether you can use them in your Facebook Ads or monetised Youtube videos!

Creative Stock Footage: Pexel Video

Pexel is a personal favourite for both photos and videos. It has one of the largest libraries of free content out right now, and most of their videos are available in a high resolution. This is the starting point for finding quality content that doesn’t feel stuffy.


PRO TIP: To find the best footage for your niche, input the keywords from your keyword research into the search bar. So if your blog is SEO optimised for the phrases ‘social media’ and ‘marketing’, these are the phrases you’ll need to look into. Same goes for your Instagram hashtags!

Vertical Footage: Mixkit

Mixkit might be a new resource but they already have some impressive content in their library, with even more on the way!

I’m loving that they have an area specifically for vertical videos (!!) so you can easily find content for your Instagram or FB Stories!


Generic Footage: Pixabay

This is another free option for finding footage. Some of its videos can feel a bit generic — so I’d only use this one for landscape shots ie. like beach shots or environmental footage for travel or lifestyle vloggers.

Canva users will also LOVE that you can now access the full Pixabay library from within your Canva workspace (under Videos)!


Exclusive Stock Footage: Vimeo Stock

Vimeo have their own library of stock footage available for free for users with a paid plan. Their Essentials collection is a good place to start for standard stock material.

COST: FREE (with a Plus membership or higher)

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Honarable Mentions (Paid)

There are also some paid services to consider if your biz budget has room for a monthly subscription. The following websites offer stock footage (in bulk) for a low monthly price. Any of the footage you download can be used indefinitely in your videos under their respective licensing agreements. So even after you cancel your plan, you’ll be able to use your downloads in future videos.


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