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Good stock music is seriously hard to find, but it makes all the difference to the success of your videos.

You want to use tracks that will compliment your content, keep your viewers engaged AND allow for seamless storytelling in your edits. No easy task! It will take time to find music that sits just right in your videos, but I’ve laid out this list of resources that can speed up your search! ??

They each allow you to filter through their music libraries based on genre, length, mood, and sometimes by filming/editing style too!

You’ll be able to find music you can use in monetised videos (ie. for your Youtube Channel). If you would like to earn $$$ from your videos, and do not want the monetisation option to be restricted because of copyright music claims, this is where you should start…


They are a fairly new service, so their library is a bit smaller than others on this list. However, they offer some of the most contemporary stock music choices around. Everything available on their website is free to use. This is also one of my favourite websites for free HD stock footage (including vertical video) for social media!


Lickd (Stock Music for Youtube Only)

Lickd makes the list because it is radically different from all of the other music options out there. They allow you to use music by popular artists in your videos — instantly recognisable and current! Their pricing is based on the average views your previous Youtube video uploads have received, so if you have a new channel and have only received a few views for your content so far, you could save lots of money on licensing. I’ve included their pricing chart here:

Stock Music - Lickd - Video Resources

So what about using the track on other platforms? All of the licenses also include Facebook video so you can also show your new video on Facebook.

COST: Starting at £6, and your first song is FREE

I’d suggest looking at their pricing breakdown here as well for more details.

Music Vine

Music Vine offer a new creative solution for Youtubers too! Their Creator Ambassador plan lets you choose an unlimited number of music tracks for your videos, provided that you credit Music Vine and link to the music you use (in your video description or as a credit at the end of your video).

COST: Starting at £9.99 with their Creator Ambassador plan

Audio Network

It’s also worth giving Audio Network a try. They break their music tracks down into types of production, and mood to help you find music to fit your specific needs. Some of their offerings are a bit generic, but every once in a while, you do find some brilliant hidden gems!

COST: £19.99 per track for the Creator+ license (that allows you to monetise your videos)

Premium Beat

Think of Premium Beat like the Queen Bey of the stock music game. ??

They have top-tier music tracks and a wide range of music styles available to choose from. Even better, the license price per track includes music loops, short clips and music stems (tracks where the individual instruments and vocals are provided separately) for every track, meaning that you have LOTS of freedom to play around with how long you want the song to be in your video and which parts of the full song you want to hear. For example, if you find a song that you love but it has someone singing throughout, you have the ability to easily take the singing out altogether!

I would recommend this option if you know you will only be using 1-2 tracks for your business, and plan on using them over and over in future videos.

COST: $49 per track, but there are free tracks available here

Or Collaborate with a Composer

I also really like reaching out to other creatives whenever possible. The Dots is an amazing network for making new friends in the creative industry! I’ve been able to speak to composers (artists who create their own music) who have been willing to let me feature their song in a video, in exchange for adding a credit to them in the video or including a link to their work in the video description. Speak directly with a composer who might be willing to collaborate. Not only is this a way to expand your creative circle, but you could end up with a one-of-a-kind piece of music for your project!

COST: Priceless ✨

*Disclaimer: Most of these are free for commercial use, but always double-check the terms and conditions before using them.

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How to find Stock Music for Videos

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